Tuesday, 17 December 2013

November 8th Kitsilano Beach Photo Shoot

Photographer: Nenuphar Flower
Makeup: Lucille Stewart-Nihte
Model: Biankha Flower
Wardrobe: Nenuphar Flower

     On November 8th I gathered a team together for a day of photo shoots. We did 2 shoots with completely different themes and locations. This is the 1st of the two. 

    We did all our hair and makeup and then headed out like a troop in search for the perfect location. It wasn't long before we came across a small nook by Kitsilano Beach. Biankha was of course delighted to jump into the incredibly freezing water and barely hesitated. 
    While we were shooting a log drifted into our area which became a perfect (but not so easy to work with) prop. 
    It felt so right to have such a big team (five people). This was the first in at least a few months that I had gotten out my camera and even longer since I had done a creative photo shoot. In that moment I realized how much I needed to be collaborating and incorporating all of my creative outlets in everything I do. 
   This was the start to the bigger picture, the catapult I needed to embark on the journey of a lifetime.   

"She touches the Sea and immediately feels the rush of power, comfort, and purpose. This is her home, what fuels her and connects her with everything outside of our grasp."

"When she occurs this knowledge, nothing else is in her view. She is no longer limited by her senses. She has awoken.
She sees possibility in every touch, every movement, every thought."

"Every drip and every drop holds power and realization, and with the wave of her sage that picture becomes clearer."

"She stands a symbol of the earth, a symbol of the element and a warrior for awakening." 

*For the rest of the images from this shoot check out my Facebook page!*

Silly & cute video taken during this shoot

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