Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Merry Christmas! - From The Fashion House Of Nenuphar Flower

On November 18th we did our christmas shoot for the year!

Models: Biankha Rose & Hailey A. Porter
Makeup: Stephanie Walker
Photography & Wardrobe: Nenuphar Flower
Hair: Renee Chaput

Wanting to do an indoor shoot but not enough time to book a studio we decided to turn my living room into a studio of our own! After lots of furniture rearranging and setting up all the christmas decorations we brought in bright lights and got the day rolling. 

The inspiration for this shoot was an image that came into my mind the week before. It was of two characters. One being dressed in cool colours and have a snooty but quirky air about her. She would be glamorous and proper but slurp loudly when sipping concoctions and snort when chuckling. The other character would seem like a child and be dressed in warm colours. She would roll her eyes at the other's properness, amuse herself without even saying a word and constantly look for objects to explore. They would be a perfect contrast. To enhance that contrast, their costumes and makeup were coloured to suite and the one model was most of the time positioned on higher ground as well as being 5 inches taller. 

I feel the effect brought some elements of high fashion, with lots of hints of a goofy old black and white film, a sort of sad blue christmas feel and at the same time an adorably dysfunctional happy christmas. Lastly, there was just the slightest bit of creepiness that came in at the perfect dose to have some cool photos to play with.   

Enjoy! Have an absolutely wonderful Christmas with lots of yummy food, loving friends and family. Nurture your connections with all the wonderful people in your life this holiday.

-Nenuphar Flower 

Let the wrapping begin!

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