Thursday, 16 January 2014

Love, Sex, Magic

My theory: life should continuously be filled and driven by 
Love, Sex and Magic

You know the after sex bliss? When you ride the waves instead of belly flop onto them? When nothing that goes "wrong" bothers you cause you are able to see that its actually really not a big deal? You are motivated to be productive and at the same time you're unattached enough to allow whatever it is you are putting your energy into actually come to fruition. when you are in this state of bliss the petty things don't get to you. For example, your partner drinking out of the carton (but insisting that there lips are not actually touching) doesn't bother you. You want to know why? Because none of that bullcocky matters, and it never did to begin with.       

When Love and romance are apart of your life and prioritized in your life you are more receptive to all the endless possibilities and inspired to push forward and ride the monstrosity of a wave like your floating effortlessly on a cloud. 

Now don't get this twisted, you DO NOT need to be in a romantic relationship to achieve this. Take yourself out for a cupcake at Magnolia's Bakery, or ride your bike through the park whistling all the while. Better yet take a bubble bath filled with rose petals and essential oils or a Bathbomb from Lush . Or go out on the town with a couple girlfriends with no expectations and no controlled plans.


Fill your life with these three things, take an hour or two every day to make these things a priority. Think tranquility, abundance, opportunity, open-mindedness, and most importantly becoming one with your body and soul.  

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